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Welcome to SIRE Response

We are here to help you with any chalenges you may have towards SIRE and CDI inspections

  • SIRE inspection response
  • CDI inspection response
  • Remote vessel inspections
  • Remote ISM/ISPS audits
  • Remote VDR audits
  • Remote Navigation audits
  • Remote preparations for Vetting inspections
  • Incidents investigation
  • SIRE 2.0 readiness assessment / gap analysis
  • CDI 10th ship inspection report (SIR) readiness assessment / gap analysis
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Vetting attendance
  • ISM/ISPS audit
  • Navigation audit
  • Cargo operations audit
  • Mooring operations audit
  • Technical inspection
  • Marine inspection
  • Any other attendance for the customized purpose

We are group of marine professionals with extensive and long experience at sea and at the technical management companies. We are offering wide range of reliable consulting services.

Our aim is to provide all kind of services you may require for your vessels and management office. Difficulties arise during recent pandemic, put us in difficult situation with travel to attend vessels around the globe.

However, we realize that we can continue same efficient vessel management using remote approach for vessels inspections, preparations for vetting, performing audits remotely with same good result as with physical attendance.

Outsourcing services for your daily management needs, such as continuous routine related to HSSE:

Near Misses analysis and response

Periodic Near Misses analytical reports

Incident investigation

Non-conformity analysis and follow up

Risk assessments periodic review

Any other requirements

Potential of providing remote services can greatly reduce running cost, and most importantly had another look on your daily operations with opportunities for improvement.

Our policy is to establish and maintain a Quality system in order to provide customers with the highest level of consultancy services with mutually acceptable requirements. In order to achieve this, we will primarily aim to achieve customer satisfaction by preventing non-conformity.

Provide services that satisfy customer and applicable to regulatory requirements. Facilitation of continuous communication with customer is of paramount importance for us. We strive to provide our customers with services which meet and exceed their expectations.